X-Men: Days Of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days Of Future Past
Directed by Bryan Singer

If the film proved anything it is that Singer really knows what to do with them X-Men.  After one dismal X-Men film after another, Singer went back on-board to direct the new film in the franchise.  What he did was to create a worthy X-Men film.

It is very easy to see the problems of the film.  Especially Kitty Pride having that power to bring back someone in time.  It was just brushed over thinking that these people evolve some more to gain more abilities.  The film also has striking resemblance to the best X-Men film so far (X2: X-Men United).  Those said, I still love the film.  I am a big fan of the Comic Book and it was such a treat to see their stories put to screen.  I loved the Sentinels.  The hopelessness and the doom.  Which brings me to another problem.  There are lotsa characters in the Comic Book and yet they resorted to  just a few of the famous characters.  Some X-Men deserve their chance to be seen, methinks.  As for the actors, they were all good.  It was McAvoy however who was best in show.

Nevertheless, the film was and is still a very entertaining, very well made superhero film.  B


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