Directed by Richard Linklater

There have been lots of talks surrounding about how the film was made, be it a gimmick or not.  Sometimes gimmicks work, but for the case of the film, it worked really well.  But I can hardly call it a gimmick at all.  It was a story of growing up.  So for a span of over a decade, the filmmaker decided to shoot every year, took snapshots of the life of the protagonist and created a collage of a film.  It was a collage of emotions, ministories, glimpses.  I love how it hid some stories yet you can piece together the stories.

It was not also about some parts being more effective than the others,  We are seeing life unfold in front of our eyes.  Moments in our lives are not always explosively engaging.  Sometimes life is mundane, sometimes it is exciting.  it was a triumph in storytelling and a triumph for Richard Linklater as a director and a filmmaker.

Whille Ellar Coltrane gave a serviceable lead turn, it was the parents who anchored the film.  Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke gave perfect performances that deserves accolades.  But I have to give it to Arquette who gave a career high work.

Towards the end of the epic film, I was engrossed.  I did not feel the film pass by, I was going along with it.  I was floored.  I was left in awe with the mastery that I have seen.  A+


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