Frank (2014)


Directed by Lenny Abrahamnson

I tried to avoid reading anything about this film when I firat saw articles about it.  I wanted to be surprised what the hell was going on with Fassbender’s head?  And it paid off, the waiting.

The film avoided to be just the quirky indie comedy. It delivered something more than what the usual fare is. It is a mixbag of quirk, a whole lotta fun and jokes, odd music and also a whole lotta oddity here and there. It was not overthetop odd, it has the right amount of oddity to make it work. It also was tad original story.

In the end it was finding out what was going on with Frank. What is he thinking. Why he does the things he do.  And Fassbender even with a humongous mask on dug inside the soul of Frank that made you feel for him.  That last song was, oddly memorable and touching. The same goes with the film, it was odd, fun yes, but it was memorable. B+


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