Still The Water, 2014

Still The Water, 2014

Still The Water, 2014

Futatsume No Mado (Still The Water)
Directed by Naomi Kawase

After all the things that have been happening to me personally, I have been avoiding films about death on purpose.  They depress me.  I love them still if they are any good.  But I get depressed.  But for the case of Kawase’s latest masterwork, i was not sad at all.  There was something optimistic about how the story was told.

It was poetic, gorgeous and just engrossing.  The pacing was glacial, but that did not hinder the movie at all, in fact the movie benefited from its lingering sequences.  That scene with the mother lying down trying to muster the strength to just smile and move her hand while the people around her, her family, were dancing and singing gave me chills and almost brought me to tears.

I am not familiar with any of Kawase’s previous works, but for sure, I will be looking out for her other works and her works to come.  The film was beautiful and the first true masterpiece of the year.  A+


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