Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla, 2014

Godzilla, 2014

Directed by Gareth Edwards

Methinks and mefeels that the summer blockbusters that came our are somewhat stepping up their game.  One of those summer extravaganza films that I liked, even loved was “Godzilla”.

I loved how Edwards opted to hide them monsters and show them at critical moments.  It made their appearances all the more exciting and memorable.  That climactic final battle was awesome and brought the inner kid in me.  Not that I am that old.  Mind you.  Anyway.  I also liked that the film was mostly from the points of view of the people.  It perfectly captured the horrors of actually having them humongous monsters fighting and wrecking havoc wherever they pass.

It is also worth noting that the film was quite a technical achievement aurally and visually.  The visual effects were top notch, and it was an aural masterwork.  And can I just say that Bryan Cranston deserves  bigger roles?  He was just great!  I wish that the film would just be about him.

If there are some negative points it would have to be that the major actors specifically Aaron Johnson felt lacking.  It also is weird that only bad things however thrilling they may be, happen to the protagonist and wherever he is heading.  Weird.  Nevertheless, I still loved it and would want to see it again.  B+


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