Cinemalaya 2014 – Hari ng Tondo


Hari ng Tondo
Directed by Carlos Siguion-Reyna
Cinemalaya 2014: Director’s Showcase

First I have to say that I love that song that repeatedly sung all throughout the movie. It’s very catchy and it suits the movie quite well. After the screening I was humming the song and singimg the parts that I remember. “Sige lang ng sige…”

Anyway. It was sort of refreshing to see a comedy, though not the laugh out loud type,  in a festival that is filled with serious films. The jokes were funny though could be seen as offensive. It was not trying too much to be funny. Unlike some films.  The actors seem to be having a blast. Bannered well by Robert Arevalo who deserved that best actor win, not only because there was lack of competition but because he was memorably good.

It was also refreshing to see a film that was set in the slums that as not grim nor did it sensationalize what it was like living there. Instead it took the lighter fare yet still being tad didactic.

It was in the end, a story of making the right choices, and bad ones. I know that the film did not have that much commercial appeal compared to the other films in the festival but it surely was one of the bests the festival had offered. B/B+