Cinemalaya 2014 – New Breed Feature Films Predictions


Commentaries to follow.

Will Win? SUNDALONG KANIN.  Because there hardly was a soul who hated it.  Plus it was actually good period film.
Could Win? #Y.  Second time’s the charm for Gino Santos?
Should Win? MARIQUINA.  Because it was by leaps and bounds better than the majority of the films shown.

Will Win? CHILDREN’S SHOW.  Because it is the type of film that they go for.
Could Win? RONDA.  I dunno.
Should Win?  DAGITAB.  Not a close second, but a great great work.

Will Win? FRANCIS XAVIER PASION, BWAYA.  Technical wise, it was his best film to date.
Could Win? GINO M. SANTOS, #Y.  He had that “voice of the now generation” thing going for him.  Young director who is actually really good at what he does.
Should Win? MILO SOGUECO, MARIQUINA.  For creating the best film of the festival.

Will Win?? RICKY DAVAO, MARIQUINA.  Because this is arguably his best work in recent memory.
Could Win? NONIE BUENCAMINO, DAGITAB.  He is bound to win something, this might be his chance, plus, he is REALLLYY good.

Will Win? ANGELI BAYANI, BWAYA.  She has the momentum, and she was great and devastating in the film.
Could Win? AI AI DELAS ALAS, RONDA.  Stunt casting. will it pay off?
Should Win? EULA VALDEZ, DAGITAB.  It was nice to see her topbill a film and bringing her A game.

Supporting Actor
Will Win? MARTIN DEL ROSARIO, DAGITAB.  Young actor who deserves to get noticed when they are doing career high work early in their careers.
Could Win? PAOLO O’HARA, SUNDALONG KANIN.  Filmmaker and actor to boot!

Supporting Actress
Will Win? BARBIE FORTEZA, MARIQUINA.  Wishful thinking.  But she was perfection.
Could Win? COLEEN GARCIA, #Y. CHYNNA ORTALEZA, #Y.  Both great and scene stealers.

Will Win? MARIQUINA.  Tarrog’s most heartfelt written work.
Could Win? CHILDREN’S SHOW.  I dunno really.
Should Win?  MARIQUINA

Film Editing
Will Win? CHILDREN’S SHOW.  Gritty work?
Could Win? #Y.  A repeat win?
Should Win?  MARIQUINA.  Effortless switching of timelines.

Will Win? BWAYA.  No bad frames at all.  Beautiful all throughout. Aerial shots WOW!
Could Win? MARIQUINA.  Great composition and framing.
Should Win? BWAYA

Production Design
Will Win? K’NA THE DREAMWEAVER.  Because period works get noticed here.
Could Win? CHILDREN’S SHOW.  Dirt.  Grime = beauty?
Should Win?  DAGITAB.  Exquisite detail!

Original Score
Will Win? MARIQUINA. Tarrog in the house!  Another beautiful work.
Could Win? SEPARADOS.  Because I just want to fuck with it.

Will Win? #Y.  From the houses to the bars.
Could Win? RONDA
Should Win? #Y

Audience Choice: #Y.

Cinemalaya 2014 – Director’s Showcase Predictions


This is a very underwhelming list (save Kasal and Hari ng Tondo, both of which I think were great).  Only two out of the five were categorically good.  The other were mediocre, and the other is the worst film of the festival (excluding Searching Oella).  If I would be given the chance, “Kasal” would snag majority of the awards here.

Will Win? HUSTISYA.  Third time is the charm for Joel Lamangan?
Could Win? THE JANITOR.  The well made crime thriller that is getting raves.
Should Win? KASAL.  Arguably the best film of the bunch.  I am seriously questioning myself if it is Altarejos’ best.

Will Win? KASAL.  Wishful thinking.  In a way, it is a brave, brave film.
Could Win? HARI NG TONDO.  Because come one, there are only two films in this category that are actually worth watching again.
Should Win?  HARI NG TONDO.

Will Win? MICHAEL TUVIERA, THE JANITOR.  A pessimistic prediction.
Could Win? JOSELITO ALTAREJOS, KASAL.  Arguably did his best work to date, and I hope that he finally nabs a win.
Should Win? JOSELITO ALTAREJOS, KASAL.  Really should win.

Will Win? ROBERT AREVALO, HARI NG TONDO.  Veteran and sentimental vote, methinks.  Plus he’s good.
Could Win? DENNIS TRILLO, THE JANITOR. I don’t even know why I am predicting these.  So grim man.
Should Win?  I am fine with either OLIVER AQUINO or ARNOLD REYES in KASAL, or why no hand them both the award?

Will Win? NORA AUNOR, HUSTISYA.  There’s no real competition really.
Could Win? AIKO MELENDEZ, ASINTADO.  If they really want the noranians angry.
Should Win? Nora Aunor, by default win.

Supporting Actor
Will Win? REZ CORTEZ, HARI NG TONDO.  Because I can’t think of any.
Could Win? ROCCO NACINO, HUSTISYA.  Not his best work.  Not even good.
Should Win? I am fine with Cortez winning, or any possible supporting actors in Hari ng Tondo.

Supporting Actress
Will Win? ROSSANA ROCES, HUSTISYA.  Err for lack of choices
Could Win? LJ REYES, THE JANITOR.  She won before, and she was ok in the film
Should Win? Because no one stood out, let me just say AIZA SEGUERRA, HARI NG TONDO.

Will Win? HUSTISYA.  Just because of the writer’s prestige.
Could Win? KASAL.  Because it deserves to win here.
Should Win?  KASAL

Film Editing
Will Win? THE JANITOR.  Could sweep? HAHAHA
Should Win?  KASAL

Should Win? KASAL

Production Design
Will Win? ASINTADO.  While it should leave awardless, I think they are going to spread the love.
Should Win?  KASAL

Original Score
Could Win? KASAL
Should Win?  KASAL

Should Win? KASAL

Audience Choice: Hustisya.

Cinemalaya 2014 – K’Na The Dreamweaver

K'na The Dreamweaver
K’Na, The Dreamweaver

Directed by Ida Anita del Mundo
Cinemalaya 2014: New Breed Section

First I have to admit that the film made me really sleepy.  It felt as though the film was putting me to sleep and making me want to dream.

I think that the film, though feeling a bit like “Limbunan” ( a far superior Cinemalaya film by Guiterrez Mangansakan III), was a wasted opportunity.  You have the environment and the setting so rich that you could think of other stories that would at least be a little unique.  Instead the film was just a normal story set in this beautiful place that is obviously has a more beautiful story to tell.

The film however has good production design.  Costumes were aptly beautiful, and set pieces were commonly okay.  Cinematography was beautiful but tad too yellow.  Acting was generally wooden with some moments here and there.  Overall, it was a sleepy piece of Cinema.  D+

Cinemalaya 2014 – Children’s Show

Children's ShowChildren’s Show
Directed by Roderick Cabrido
Cinemalaya 2014: New Breed Section

Films about the poor are kind of the staple films that get in Cinemalaya, and this is one of them.  Children get into fights so that they could earn money.  It is like “Sabong” (cockfighting) only with real people, this time, kids are fighting.  And then they earn money whenever they win a fight.  I call them, “Misery” porn for those films that thrives and are misery driven.  And the film was rich of it.  However I think that it was necessary in the film because I think that it is the type of things that happen in that setting.

I admire the promise of the film.  I also love some technical aspects of the film. I hated the fight scenes because they all look fake. 

I felt unaffected.  Maybe because of the sub-genre being worn out.  I just wish that something new was shown apart from the humongous chicken apparition.  It was one common sequence after another.  I could not shake that feeling of “only dismal things happen to poor people”.  C