22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street
Directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord

There is no denying that the film was a sort of worthy and entertaining follow up to its predecessor.  It was funny.  Funny the same way the first film was.  And that seems to be where the problem lies.  It is pretty much just a rehash of the first film.  Just a different setting and set of characters.  That made the experience sort of banal even though I had fun while watching it.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum has great bromantic chemistry and they seem to be having massive loads of fun.  They made th dcik jokey dialogue work.  But it was clearly, CLEARLY, Jillian Bell who stole the entire show.  She wasn’t that apparent during the  first two thirds of the film.  But when she was on screen, she was pure comic genius.

22 jump Street is both entertaining and disappointing at the same time.  I just wish that there was something new about it other than the fact that the film showcased Bell’s comic prowess.  B-


Diary ng Panget

Diary ng Panget

Diary ng Panget

Diary ng Panget
Directed by Andoy Ranay

Panget means Ugly in Filipino.  And that is the best adjective to describe the film.  It was ugly.  This is that moment when the film title feels very apt to describe the film.  Ugly.  Ugh.  I have nothing more to say.  F

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days Of Future Past
Directed by Bryan Singer

If the film proved anything it is that Singer really knows what to do with them X-Men.  After one dismal X-Men film after another, Singer went back on-board to direct the new film in the franchise.  What he did was to create a worthy X-Men film.

It is very easy to see the problems of the film.  Especially Kitty Pride having that power to bring back someone in time.  It was just brushed over thinking that these people evolve some more to gain more abilities.  The film also has striking resemblance to the best X-Men film so far (X2: X-Men United).  Those said, I still love the film.  I am a big fan of the Comic Book and it was such a treat to see their stories put to screen.  I loved the Sentinels.  The hopelessness and the doom.  Which brings me to another problem.  There are lotsa characters in the Comic Book and yet they resorted to  just a few of the famous characters.  Some X-Men deserve their chance to be seen, methinks.  As for the actors, they were all good.  It was McAvoy however who was best in show.

Nevertheless, the film was and is still a very entertaining, very well made superhero film.  B




Directed by Richard Linklater

There have been lots of talks surrounding about how the film was made, be it a gimmick or not.  Sometimes gimmicks work, but for the case of the film, it worked really well.  But I can hardly call it a gimmick at all.  It was a story of growing up.  So for a span of over a decade, the filmmaker decided to shoot every year, took snapshots of the life of the protagonist and created a collage of a film.  It was a collage of emotions, ministories, glimpses.  I love how it hid some stories yet you can piece together the stories.

It was not also about some parts being more effective than the others,  We are seeing life unfold in front of our eyes.  Moments in our lives are not always explosively engaging.  Sometimes life is mundane, sometimes it is exciting.  it was a triumph in storytelling and a triumph for Richard Linklater as a director and a filmmaker.

Whille Ellar Coltrane gave a serviceable lead turn, it was the parents who anchored the film.  Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke gave perfect performances that deserves accolades.  But I have to give it to Arquette who gave a career high work.

Towards the end of the epic film, I was engrossed.  I did not feel the film pass by, I was going along with it.  I was floored.  I was left in awe with the mastery that I have seen.  A+

Begin Again (2013/2014)

Begin Again

Begin Again

Begin Again
Directed by John Carney

If it is possible to be in love with a film yet be disappointed with it, then that would be what I felt for “Begin Again”.  Disappointing because it felt close “Once” but not on the same level.  The latter film was such a perfect film for me and I was a bit disappointed that Carney did not deliver the same quality, but still it was really good.  Also, I think it would have been more effective had the film had not so famous actors in it.  Not that they are not that good, in fact they are really good.  But I will get to that in a bit.  The songs while great, do not feel indie which they should. 

But there are a lot of things to love in the film.  The actors are all great.  Keira Knightley in probably one of her best and most relaxed performances.  I think she will get a Golden Globe nomination for her performance.  Mark Ruffallo is his usual great.  Adam Levine was suprisingly good.  The songs are also to die for albeit me having reservations with it.  “Lost Stars” was epic.  I also dig the somewhat spontaneous feel of the feel, it felt relaxed and not forced.

The film ended on such a high note that I just can not deny the fact that I am in love with it. It is not “Once” but it really is one of the best offerings of the year so far.  A-

Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent (2014)

Directed by Robert Stromberg

For what it was, I think that the film was entertaining enough for me to waste almost an hour and a half of my life on it.  There were moments of pure fun, major thanks to Jolie’s starpower, though that was not enough to elevate the material.  Her presence made the experience bearable.  It was a different take on a classic story yet somehow you would know how things would turn up early on.  That true love’s kiss thingamajig was just lame.  You will just see the film for enjoying the decent visual effects and for Angelina Jolie and her Joan Rivers cheekbones.  For a film about  imagination, fantasy and magic, there really was not much of them.  C-

Frank (2014)


Directed by Lenny Abrahamnson

I tried to avoid reading anything about this film when I firat saw articles about it.  I wanted to be surprised what the hell was going on with Fassbender’s head?  And it paid off, the waiting.

The film avoided to be just the quirky indie comedy. It delivered something more than what the usual fare is. It is a mixbag of quirk, a whole lotta fun and jokes, odd music and also a whole lotta oddity here and there. It was not overthetop odd, it has the right amount of oddity to make it work. It also was tad original story.

In the end it was finding out what was going on with Frank. What is he thinking. Why he does the things he do.  And Fassbender even with a humongous mask on dug inside the soul of Frank that made you feel for him.  That last song was, oddly memorable and touching. The same goes with the film, it was odd, fun yes, but it was memorable. B+

Still The Water, 2014

Still The Water, 2014

Still The Water, 2014

Futatsume No Mado (Still The Water)
Directed by Naomi Kawase

After all the things that have been happening to me personally, I have been avoiding films about death on purpose.  They depress me.  I love them still if they are any good.  But I get depressed.  But for the case of Kawase’s latest masterwork, i was not sad at all.  There was something optimistic about how the story was told.

It was poetic, gorgeous and just engrossing.  The pacing was glacial, but that did not hinder the movie at all, in fact the movie benefited from its lingering sequences.  That scene with the mother lying down trying to muster the strength to just smile and move her hand while the people around her, her family, were dancing and singing gave me chills and almost brought me to tears.

I am not familiar with any of Kawase’s previous works, but for sure, I will be looking out for her other works and her works to come.  The film was beautiful and the first true masterpiece of the year.  A+

Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla, 2014

Godzilla, 2014

Directed by Gareth Edwards

Methinks and mefeels that the summer blockbusters that came our are somewhat stepping up their game.  One of those summer extravaganza films that I liked, even loved was “Godzilla”.

I loved how Edwards opted to hide them monsters and show them at critical moments.  It made their appearances all the more exciting and memorable.  That climactic final battle was awesome and brought the inner kid in me.  Not that I am that old.  Mind you.  Anyway.  I also liked that the film was mostly from the points of view of the people.  It perfectly captured the horrors of actually having them humongous monsters fighting and wrecking havoc wherever they pass.

It is also worth noting that the film was quite a technical achievement aurally and visually.  The visual effects were top notch, and it was an aural masterwork.  And can I just say that Bryan Cranston deserves  bigger roles?  He was just great!  I wish that the film would just be about him.

If there are some negative points it would have to be that the major actors specifically Aaron Johnson felt lacking.  It also is weird that only bad things however thrilling they may be, happen to the protagonist and wherever he is heading.  Weird.  Nevertheless, I still loved it and would want to see it again.  B+

Barber’s Tales (2013/2014)

Barber's Tales

Barber’s Tales

Mga Kuwentong Barbero (Barber’s Tales)
Directed by Jun Robles Lana2013/2014

I have always wanted to see a Filipino period film that is actually great, and finally “Barber’s Tales” comes and it is what I have been waiting for.  Set in a distant town in the Philippines during the Marcos regime, the film follows Marilou, a widow who tookover the job of her husband as a barber.

Marilou was played by Eugene Domingo who arguably gave the best performance of her career.  It was refreshing to see her excel and showcasing her dramatic chops because she is such a great dramatic actress as much as she is a comedic actress.  Ensemble work was fine across the board.  Iza Calzado was memorable as the battered wife of an abusive mayor.  Shamaine Buencamino-Centenera was her usual great self.  But it was Nicco Manalo and Gladys Reyes who both stood out among the supporting ensemble cast.

It was a very solid period drama, that, like “Bwakaw” (Lana’s previous film about life in a small town), was made exceptionally well and was brilliantly acted  Lana excels a lot when he has a great script in hand, he executed the film quite well.  I hope that the film academy of the Philippines seriously considers the film to be submitted to compete for the upcoming Academy Award (unless they opted for Norte, Lav Diaz’s masterwork).  It is a film that is distinctively Filipino, and is really great one.  B+


Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (2013/2014)

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me
Directed by Chieme Karasawa

Elaine Stritch is such a character, she has that bigger than life personality going on.  The documentary shows just that and more, even though it was bundled in such a short running time.  Making the film longer would be something to savor, but it would be overkill and I think that was one of the factors that made the film successful.  It captured what it wanted to say without overdoing it, without going too long.  It made you want to know more of Elaine Stritch.  It had me googling her for days now. 

The film shows an elderly Stritch and her deteriorating health.  That said the film did not sensationalize the fact that she is old and probably going away any time soon.  Instead it was a showcase of Stritch’s existence, skills and talents.  And seeing it now, knowing she is gone, it is a perfect remembrance of her. B+


Happy Christmas, 2014

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas
Directed by Joe Swanberg

“Happy Christmas” feels like a very economic film that relied a lot on its actors and the the story to elevate the material.  Technical wise, the film feels lacking.  How it was shot, mainly.  However what it lacked in technical aspects was made up for by the greatness of the ensemble.  It was really a treat to watch Melanie Lynskey finally being given the chance to show that she is a great actress.  Methinks that she is underrated.  The rest of the cast gave good performances as well, but it was really Lynskey that you fall in love with.  The story was typical Swanberg film where it feels a bit aimless but the end product feels rewarding.  B-

Cinemalaya 2014: Personal Picks

I know that I have not fully did write ups on my reactions of the Cinemalaya films in competition.  Everything is back to normal now.  I am back to my normal blogging duty negligence.  Anyway, before the Cinemalaya fever dies down, as tradition I list down my favorites from the competition.  Although unlike last year I am not going to be able to include the exhibition films, this list will only include films in competition, feature length films and short films combined.

NOTE’: I will update this post one by one up until the list is complete


Best Sound: Bwaya

Best Sound: Bwaya

WINNER: Albert Michael Idioma, Bwaya.  Sort of athmospheric, you savor the silent moments, the moments where you just hear the environment.  Sound work is gorgeous it feels I can hear the characters breath.
2nd Placer: Andrew Milallos and Addiss Tabong,  Mariquina.   Overall sound work is gorgeous, never cluttered or distracting, just aurally yummy.
3rd Placer: Marc Locsin, Ronda.  Manila by night, silent, sinister lurking in the dark.
Runners Up:    Andrew Milallos, #Y.  Andrew Milallos and Addiss Tabong, Kasal.  Contemporary works rarely get attention in this category but these two works are quite remarkable feat.



Best Original Score: Mariquina

Best Original Score: Mariquina

WINNER: Jerrold Tarog, Mariquina.  He has done it again, at least for me, while Tarog continues to make great films, he also continues to make great music as well, this time perfectly matching the shifting moods (and era) of the film.
2nd Placer: Richard Gonzales, Kasal.  I keep on thinking of the music that was in the film.  It is not grand yet it was powerful and very memorable and it complimented the film quite well.
3rd Placer: Erwin Fajardo, Bwaya.  A bit minimalist but the music was placed in all the right places to wonderful effect
Runners UpJorge Wieneke, #Y.  Mon Espia, Dagitab.  Both musical work compliments the mood and feeling of their films.  For #Y, the youthful angst sometimes angry but somber feel while the latter is a more sad  and mysterious.




Best Production Design: Mariquina

Best Production Design: Mariquina

WINNER: Aped Santos, Mariquina.  A very well polished but really detailed work of differing timeline.  Simple yet strikingly gorgeous.
2nd Placer:
Whammy Alcazaren  and Thesa Tang, Dagitab.  I like the cluttered but very intricate and detailed finishings of the protagonists’ house.  Their house feels like it has a life of its own.
3rd Placer: Harley Alcasid, Kasal.  Contemporary works are oftentimes snubbed in this category as well.  The room alone was quite an achievement.  It acts as the supporting character to the film.
Runners Up: 
K’na, The Dreamweaver.  Fiel Zabat, Sundalong Kanin.
  It was obvious that these two period pieces had apt and fitting production work. The First one a more elaborate obvious winning work and the latter seems like money well spent and fitting for the time  the story was telling.




Best Cinematography: Bwaya

Best Cinematography: Bwaya

Runners Up: Mycko David, Kasal.  Kasal is beautiful to behold from start to finish.  The camera was a voyeur to what the couple was going through and it perfectly captured the emotions by the characters.  Albert Banzon, Ronda.  Even though there are lots of repetitive shots, but those tracking shots and static shots are well lensed.

3rd Placer: Sasha Palomares, Mariquina.  My favorite cinematography works this year are exciting because they are all visually exciting and masterful in their own ways.  The shift from one timeline to another and how they differ in look, from nostalgic to somber was beautiful.  Not to mention the composition in most key scenes are very well done.

2nd Placer: Rommel Sales, Dagitab.  Though predominantly static, there is no denying the beauty of the camera work in this film.  The wow moment was that beach scene.  I was left breathless.

WINNER : Neil Daza, Bwaya.  Among the films made by Pasion, this has got the be the most visually stunning.   Those aerial shots alone are to die for.

Best Film Editing: Mariquina

Best Film Editing: Mariquina


Runners Up: Benjamin Tolentino, Dagitab and #Y.  The shifting of points of view were effortlessly done for both films.  The first one a more controlled work and the other a more jumpy, fast paced one.

3rd Placer:  Joselito Altarejos  and Zig Dulay, Kasal.  The film knows when it is going to be slow and and when it is going to be fast.  At first I had problems with the pacing, but as time pass, I have grown to actually admire it.  Weird eh?  I feel the same about the film.

2nd Placer: Carlo Francisco Manatad, Bwaya.  Though glacially paced, the building of the tension up until the climactic middle to end was superb.

WINNER:  Benjamin Tolentino, Mariquina. There is a reason why Tolentino is probably the most hired editor this year, and it is because he has a keen eye for detail. And he excelled the most in this film.  The going back and forth in time was never dizzying, in fact it was fluid, and stunningly made.



Best Screenplay: Dagitab

Best Screenplay: Dagitab

WINNER: Giancarlo Abrahan, Dagitab.  In a way, the film is quite different from any Cinemalaya films I have ever seen.  Abrahan dug deep into the characters’ heads and created an awards worthy story.
2nd Placer: Jerrold Tarog, Mariquina. 
It was a toss up between this and my pick for the winner in this cateogry.  Tarog did it again, creating a very human story, this time about an unhappy mother leaving her family behind.  It was intricate, piercing and poignant.
3rd Placer:
  Joselito Altarejos  and Zig Dulay , Kasal.
  It was a different route from the usual films about gays, it was touching, heartfelt and very real.
Runner Up:
Sari Estrada, Asan si Lolo Me?. 
Of all the short films shown this year, this one stood out for me.  It was a funny take on death and grieving.  It was original, imaginative and fun.  Jeff Stelton, #Y.  For a closer look on the personal lives of the rich.  It is not entirely original, but it tells a differnt story, something that we are not accustomed to seeing.



Best Supporting Actor: Martin del Rosario, Dagitab

Best Supporting Actor: Martin del Rosario, Dagitab

WINNER: Martin del Rosario, Dagitab. 
I was mightily impressed with del Rosario’s performance.  I knew somehow that he could act but I did not know that he could deliver such an intense performance, controlled without going overboard.  He got that sort of pompous arrogance of a teenager down, then see him mature in front of your eyes as the story progresses.
2nd Placer Karl Medina, Bwaya.
  Medina fully immersed in the character that I barely recognized him.  I really thought that I was watching a non-actor giving a very natural implosive performance.  It really was quite a transformation!
3rd Placer: Zachary Ezekiel Diaz, Asan si Lolo Me?  This young actor is quite a find, he was natural, funny even though he had small time in a short film.
Runners Up: Nicco Manalo, The Janitor, Has had better performances but there is no denying that he was the best in show in a film that was filled with wooden acting.  Ditto Dante Rivero, 1st Ko si 3rd.  He easily stood out in a cast of Batibot line delivering actors.



Best Supporting Actress: Barbie Forteza, Mariquina

Best Supporting Actress: Barbie Forteza, Mariquina

WINNER: Barbie Forteza, Mariquina.  This is one of those Cinemalaya wins, that I was not expecting, but I predicted it anyway, because I was rooting for her so bad.  It was such a tremendous performance.  At the beginning I thought she would just be a passive character, but hey ho, the story provided her with so much, that in lesser actresses it would have become melodrama, but it did not and the end product was, Forteza gave her career high performance at such a young age.
2nd Placer: Chynna Ortaleza, #.  Though the time she was in was very short, She made the most impact in a cast that was generally good.  I kept on wanting to see more of her in the film, I wish she had more to work with, anyway, she was powerful in those few scenes she was in.  That breakdown scene, just on the phone talking, is definitely the highlight of her career.
3rd  Placer:  Bing Pimentel, Mariquina.  The last spots in this list is a toss up.  In varying moods, the ranking would differ.  Anyway.  After seeing Pimentel in last year’s “Kabisera”, I was not sold.  I thought that she was just OK in it.  Nothing memorable.  But after seeing her in “Mariquina”, I instantly became a fan.  She brought a whole new take (new in this context, not the regular Filipino Kabit) on being the mistress.
Runners Up: Jolina Salvado, Bwaya.  Just like any other actors in the film, Salvado gave a very memorable natural performance.  I kind of remember Arnalyn Ismael of Halaw in her.  Che Ramos-Cosio, Mariquina.  The film had a stellar cast and it was hard picking who gave the best who.  Ramos finally giving another worthy performance this year after being absent for years, and by absent I mean not giving a performance that is a par her greatness in “Mangatyanan”.


Best Actor: Ricky Davao, Mariquina

Best Actor: Ricky Davao, Mariquina

Winner: Ricky Davao, Mariquina.  It was hard ranking the four performances   I selected for this category.  But I had to go for the performance that I thought was one of the highlights of the festival.  Davao is a Cinemalaya regular.  But I have never seen him in such great form before.  And of all the performances that I have seen from him, this might be his best, to date.
2nd Placer: Nonie Buencamino, Dagitab.  Like Davao, Buencamino is a Cinemalaya regular.  Buencamino is an underrated actor, he should have a heap of awards by now.  His work in Dagitab keeps you guessing.  It is not trivial, it is just that it seems that he is thiking differently from the way he acts.  That line reading scene was quite heartbreaking (del Rosario and Buencamino square off, WOW).
3rd Placer:Arnold Reyes and Oliver Aquino, Kasal.  Both actors giving their A-games to the table.  Reyes the obvious more veteran of the two peaked in this film while Aquino giving a brave breakthrough (or was it a sort of comeback?) performance.
Runners Up: The kids of Sundalong Kanin.  The film truly was an ensemble work, so singling out one of them was a task.  Year end wise I think I may end up selecting one or two of them, but for now, I am selecting the ensemble.



Best Actress: Eula Valdez, Dagitab

Best Actress: Eula Valdez, Dagitab

Winner: Eula Valdez, Dagitab.  Valdez is a great actress and it is not up until now that she was given more to work with and she was just amazing,  In my book, there was no real competition for her, she was in all whole new league.
2nd Placer: Angeli Bayani, Bwaya.  We all know how great she is.  And you can add her performance in “Bwaya” in the that list of great Bayani performances.
3rd Placer: Coleen Garcia, #Y.  Of the four leads, she obviously stole the show from them.  She was memsmerizing and you wish that see more of her.
Runners Up: Sheen Gener, Nakabibinging Kadiliman/Asan si Lolo Me?  Mara Paulina Adlawan Marasigan, Nakabibinging Kadiliman.  Here are two young actresses that I think will and should be highlighting feature films in the near future.  Gener previously showcased acting chops in past Cinemalaya films and she continues to excel.  Marasigan was all sorts of amazing even though even though her characters is deaf/mute, she utilized her body and facial reactions to their fullest potential.



Best Director: Joselito Altarejos, Kasal

Best Director: Joselito Altarejos, Kasal

WINNER: Joselito Altarejos, Kasal.  OK so I have decided, after days of thinking, that this is the best and my favorite Altarejos work to date.  He has the right material in hand and he executed it to its fullest potential.  It was also very easy to go to the sentimental or preachy even with the story that he had, instead he kept it grounded, real and sincere.
2nd Placer: Milo Sogueco, Mariquina.  Without a doubt his work in Mariquina was leaps and bounds better than “Sanglaan”.  It is a very polished yet intricate storytelling, simple yet complex.
3rd Placer: Sari Estrada, Asan si Lolo Me?  Estrada showcased his full potential as a director even with a short film.  He balanced the funny, with the sad and the weird in a small amount of time and the end product was just a delight to watch.  I can only be excited for Estrada’s venture into feature filmmaking.
Runners Up: Gino M. Santos, #Y.  Giancarlo Abrahan, Dagitab.  Both young directors making a splash in this year’s festival.  Santos continues to prove that he is one director to look out for after creating a much more accomplished work that his previous Cinemalaya effort.  Abrahan delivers an outstanding breakthrough.  He clearly has a different voice and it is refershing to him tell the story in his own masterful way.

Best Film: Mariquina

Best Film: Mariquina

Winner: Mariquina.  By miles, my favorite Filipino film of the year so far.

Remaining 9
2.  Dagitab.  Powered by brilliant performances, awesome script.
3.  Asan si Lolo Me?  Darkly funny, memorable and witty.
4.  Kasal.  Sincere, heartfelt and honest.
5.  Hari ng Tondo.  Kind of spontaneous fun, a bit didactic, but good nonetheless.
6.  Bwaya.  Technical ace of a film with powerful perfromances.
7.  Nakabibinging Kadiliman.  Wow lead performances.  Tugs all right hearstrings.
8.  #Y.  My favorite Santos film to date.
9.  Eyeball.  Undervalued short film, short but got me hooked.
10.  Ronda.  Controlled, subdued, but kind of memorable albeit limitations.

Cinemalaya 2014 – Hari ng Tondo


Hari ng Tondo
Directed by Carlos Siguion-Reyna
Cinemalaya 2014: Director’s Showcase

First I have to say that I love that song that repeatedly sung all throughout the movie. It’s very catchy and it suits the movie quite well. After the screening I was humming the song and singimg the parts that I remember. “Sige lang ng sige…”

Anyway. It was sort of refreshing to see a comedy, though not the laugh out loud type,  in a festival that is filled with serious films. The jokes were funny though could be seen as offensive. It was not trying too much to be funny. Unlike some films.  The actors seem to be having a blast. Bannered well by Robert Arevalo who deserved that best actor win, not only because there was lack of competition but because he was memorably good.

It was also refreshing to see a film that was set in the slums that as not grim nor did it sensationalize what it was like living there. Instead it took the lighter fare yet still being tad didactic.

It was in the end, a story of making the right choices, and bad ones. I know that the film did not have that much commercial appeal compared to the other films in the festival but it surely was one of the bests the festival had offered. B/B+

Cinemalaya 2014 – New Breed Feature Films Predictions


Commentaries to follow.

Will Win? SUNDALONG KANIN.  Because there hardly was a soul who hated it.  Plus it was actually good period film.
Could Win? #Y.  Second time’s the charm for Gino Santos?
Should Win? MARIQUINA.  Because it was by leaps and bounds better than the majority of the films shown.

Will Win? CHILDREN’S SHOW.  Because it is the type of film that they go for.
Could Win? RONDA.  I dunno.
Should Win?  DAGITAB.  Not a close second, but a great great work.

Will Win? FRANCIS XAVIER PASION, BWAYA.  Technical wise, it was his best film to date.
Could Win? GINO M. SANTOS, #Y.  He had that “voice of the now generation” thing going for him.  Young director who is actually really good at what he does.
Should Win? MILO SOGUECO, MARIQUINA.  For creating the best film of the festival.

Will Win?? RICKY DAVAO, MARIQUINA.  Because this is arguably his best work in recent memory.
Could Win? NONIE BUENCAMINO, DAGITAB.  He is bound to win something, this might be his chance, plus, he is REALLLYY good.

Will Win? ANGELI BAYANI, BWAYA.  She has the momentum, and she was great and devastating in the film.
Could Win? AI AI DELAS ALAS, RONDA.  Stunt casting. will it pay off?
Should Win? EULA VALDEZ, DAGITAB.  It was nice to see her topbill a film and bringing her A game.

Supporting Actor
Will Win? MARTIN DEL ROSARIO, DAGITAB.  Young actor who deserves to get noticed when they are doing career high work early in their careers.
Could Win? PAOLO O’HARA, SUNDALONG KANIN.  Filmmaker and actor to boot!

Supporting Actress
Will Win? BARBIE FORTEZA, MARIQUINA.  Wishful thinking.  But she was perfection.
Could Win? COLEEN GARCIA, #Y. CHYNNA ORTALEZA, #Y.  Both great and scene stealers.

Will Win? MARIQUINA.  Tarrog’s most heartfelt written work.
Could Win? CHILDREN’S SHOW.  I dunno really.
Should Win?  MARIQUINA

Film Editing
Will Win? CHILDREN’S SHOW.  Gritty work?
Could Win? #Y.  A repeat win?
Should Win?  MARIQUINA.  Effortless switching of timelines.

Will Win? BWAYA.  No bad frames at all.  Beautiful all throughout. Aerial shots WOW!
Could Win? MARIQUINA.  Great composition and framing.
Should Win? BWAYA

Production Design
Will Win? K’NA THE DREAMWEAVER.  Because period works get noticed here.
Could Win? CHILDREN’S SHOW.  Dirt.  Grime = beauty?
Should Win?  DAGITAB.  Exquisite detail!

Original Score
Will Win? MARIQUINA. Tarrog in the house!  Another beautiful work.
Could Win? SEPARADOS.  Because I just want to fuck with it.

Will Win? #Y.  From the houses to the bars.
Could Win? RONDA
Should Win? #Y

Audience Choice: #Y.

Cinemalaya 2014 – Director’s Showcase Predictions


This is a very underwhelming list (save Kasal and Hari ng Tondo, both of which I think were great).  Only two out of the five were categorically good.  The other were mediocre, and the other is the worst film of the festival (excluding Searching Oella).  If I would be given the chance, “Kasal” would snag majority of the awards here.

Will Win? HUSTISYA.  Third time is the charm for Joel Lamangan?
Could Win? THE JANITOR.  The well made crime thriller that is getting raves.
Should Win? KASAL.  Arguably the best film of the bunch.  I am seriously questioning myself if it is Altarejos’ best.

Will Win? KASAL.  Wishful thinking.  In a way, it is a brave, brave film.
Could Win? HARI NG TONDO.  Because come one, there are only two films in this category that are actually worth watching again.
Should Win?  HARI NG TONDO.

Will Win? MICHAEL TUVIERA, THE JANITOR.  A pessimistic prediction.
Could Win? JOSELITO ALTAREJOS, KASAL.  Arguably did his best work to date, and I hope that he finally nabs a win.
Should Win? JOSELITO ALTAREJOS, KASAL.  Really should win.

Will Win? ROBERT AREVALO, HARI NG TONDO.  Veteran and sentimental vote, methinks.  Plus he’s good.
Could Win? DENNIS TRILLO, THE JANITOR. I don’t even know why I am predicting these.  So grim man.
Should Win?  I am fine with either OLIVER AQUINO or ARNOLD REYES in KASAL, or why no hand them both the award?

Will Win? NORA AUNOR, HUSTISYA.  There’s no real competition really.
Could Win? AIKO MELENDEZ, ASINTADO.  If they really want the noranians angry.
Should Win? Nora Aunor, by default win.

Supporting Actor
Will Win? REZ CORTEZ, HARI NG TONDO.  Because I can’t think of any.
Could Win? ROCCO NACINO, HUSTISYA.  Not his best work.  Not even good.
Should Win? I am fine with Cortez winning, or any possible supporting actors in Hari ng Tondo.

Supporting Actress
Will Win? ROSSANA ROCES, HUSTISYA.  Err for lack of choices
Could Win? LJ REYES, THE JANITOR.  She won before, and she was ok in the film
Should Win? Because no one stood out, let me just say AIZA SEGUERRA, HARI NG TONDO.

Will Win? HUSTISYA.  Just because of the writer’s prestige.
Could Win? KASAL.  Because it deserves to win here.
Should Win?  KASAL

Film Editing
Will Win? THE JANITOR.  Could sweep? HAHAHA
Should Win?  KASAL

Should Win? KASAL

Production Design
Will Win? ASINTADO.  While it should leave awardless, I think they are going to spread the love.
Should Win?  KASAL

Original Score
Could Win? KASAL
Should Win?  KASAL

Should Win? KASAL

Audience Choice: Hustisya.

Cinemalaya 2014 – K’Na The Dreamweaver

K'na The Dreamweaver
K’Na, The Dreamweaver

Directed by Ida Anita del Mundo
Cinemalaya 2014: New Breed Section

First I have to admit that the film made me really sleepy.  It felt as though the film was putting me to sleep and making me want to dream.

I think that the film, though feeling a bit like “Limbunan” ( a far superior Cinemalaya film by Guiterrez Mangansakan III), was a wasted opportunity.  You have the environment and the setting so rich that you could think of other stories that would at least be a little unique.  Instead the film was just a normal story set in this beautiful place that is obviously has a more beautiful story to tell.

The film however has good production design.  Costumes were aptly beautiful, and set pieces were commonly okay.  Cinematography was beautiful but tad too yellow.  Acting was generally wooden with some moments here and there.  Overall, it was a sleepy piece of Cinema.  D+

Cinemalaya 2014 – Children’s Show

Children's ShowChildren’s Show
Directed by Roderick Cabrido
Cinemalaya 2014: New Breed Section

Films about the poor are kind of the staple films that get in Cinemalaya, and this is one of them.  Children get into fights so that they could earn money.  It is like “Sabong” (cockfighting) only with real people, this time, kids are fighting.  And then they earn money whenever they win a fight.  I call them, “Misery” porn for those films that thrives and are misery driven.  And the film was rich of it.  However I think that it was necessary in the film because I think that it is the type of things that happen in that setting.

I admire the promise of the film.  I also love some technical aspects of the film. I hated the fight scenes because they all look fake. 

I felt unaffected.  Maybe because of the sub-genre being worn out.  I just wish that something new was shown apart from the humongous chicken apparition.  It was one common sequence after another.  I could not shake that feeling of “only dismal things happen to poor people”.  C

Cinemalaya 2014 – New Breed Short Films Predictions

Asan si Lolo Me?

Will Win? I am thinking that this would be a repeat win for Paolo O’Hara, but I think that that has never happened before, so with that I am predicting that crowd pleaser “ASAN SI LOLO ME?” will win the top prize
Could Win? The film that I see has the most chance of winning is “NAKABIBINGING KADILIMAN” since it is the type of film they award here.
Should Win? One of my favorite films of the festival, shorts or feature lengh combined, “ASAN SI LOLO ME?” is the clear standout short film for me.

Jury Prize
Will Win? I think that this award will go to “THE ORDINARY THINGS WE DO” what with it being different from the others.
Could Win? For some reason I think that “INDAYOG NG NAYTAMAK” is not going home empty handed
Should Win? If this award goes to the second best film, then I am picking “NAKABIBINGING KADILIMAN”.

Will Win? PAOLO O’HARA, NAKABIBINGING KATAHIMIKAN.  He could repeat another multiple winning year.
Could Win?  KEVIN ANG, LOLA.  Another crowd pleaser.
Should Win? There was no competition for the short films for me, SARI ESTRADA, ASAN SI LOLO ME?

Will Win? I hope that they go for my bet “ASAN SI LOLO ME” for the originality and the wittiness of the film.
Could Win? J. E. Tiglao’s follow up film “MGA LIGAW NA PARUPARO” could end up wining something, and this may it.  Even though that ending is joke-y.
Should Win?  ASAN SI LOLO ME? Should bag this since there is nothing quite like it, well, unless you count “The Ordinary Things We Do”.

Audience Choice: INA-TAY.  A lot of people seem to like the film what with the jokes and all but I HATE this film so much.  LOLA is also a possibility.

Cinemalaya 2014 – S6parados

Directed by G. B. Sampedro
Cinemalaya 2014 : New Breed Section

Of all the films that were shown this was the one I was a bit wary about, because of the trailer.  I do not watch the trailers prior to seeing the film, usually that’s what I do, but they play the trailers before actually showing the film so I can not avoid them this time.  Unless I give up my seat.  Anyway.

The film felt like I was watching a Filipino teleserye, only an hour and a half long.  The music was overpowering the scenes, something that is typical on Philippine television.  The acting was generally bad  (Save Ricky Davao and Melissa Mendez from the lashing).  Especially Anjo Yllana who does not seem to know what he is going to do.  It was such an awkward and forced performance.  It is also a waste that the film had this roster of actors who I think can do good if only given the right material.  Such a waste.  The melodrama was overbearing.  It was a collection of schmaltzy and sappy and somewhat misogynistic stories put together.  Save the Ricky Davao story which I think had potential albeit being banal.

I believe after everything I said, I say that my expectations for the film were met.  D-